WorldVideo: Houthi rebels fired missiles, UAE's defense system failed, see the terrible...

Video: Houthi rebels fired missiles, UAE’s defense system failed, see the terrible scene

Abu Dhabi : The conflict between the United Arab Emirates and Houthi rebels has now reached airstrikes. Houthi fighters are firing missiles at UAE and UAE is foiling them. Several people shared a video on social media claiming that the UAE’s air defense system had targeted several missiles fired by the Houthis. Confirming this, the Ministry of Defense of the United Arab Emirates gave information about the whole matter on Monday. The UAE is also included in the Arab coalition fighting the war against the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The UAE’s Defense Ministry said its air defense system intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles fired at the UAE by the Houthi militant group. The ministry clarified that there was no human casualty in the attack. Remnants of intercepted and destroyed ballistic missiles have fallen in different areas around Abu Dhabi. The ministry also said in a statement that the UAE is prepared to deal with any threat.

UAE will take all necessary steps to avoid attacks
According to the statement, the authority will take all necessary measures to protect the country from all attacks. The Defense Ministry has called upon people to rely only on information from the country’s official news sources. While Houthi rebels are targeting the UAE, the Arab coalition is bombing Houthi targets in Yemen. On Saturday, the military targeted a prison in Yemen’s Houthi-held area, with reports of about 100 prisoners dead or injured.

Houthi drone attack on UAE
A few days ago, Houthi rebels targeted a main international airport in the United Arab Emirates. In the attack, the main airport of the UAE capital Abu Dhabi caught fire and three fuel tankers exploded. Three people, including two Indian nationals, were killed in this. The Abu Dhabi Police blamed the drone attack for this. Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the attack.
Houthi Rebels: Arab coalition wreaks havoc in Yemen, jails destroyed in Houthi rebels’ territory, 100 prisoners dead!
Arab alliance took revenge for the death of Indians
After this, the UAE and Saudi Arabia-led Arab coalition forces killed the top commander of the Houthi rebels who killed Indians in a fierce airstrike. An Arab military fighter jet launched an airstrike in the northern area of ​​the Yemeni capital Sanaa. It is being told that the Houthi commander Major General Abdullah Qasim Al Junaid was killed in this attack.