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Video: ‘Hasn’t Joe Biden spoken to you yet?’ Watch Imran Khan’s ‘live’ insult

It has been 10 months since Joe Biden became the President of the United States. In these months, he also met Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is called America’s biggest ‘enemy’ and also warmly welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his ‘greatest friend’. Chinese President Xi Jinping has also spoken to Biden over the phone. The bottom line of the whole thing is that since becoming president, Biden has kept in touch with everyone, from his enemies to friends. But the name of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Khan is missing from this list.

Biden has not yet spoken to Imran Khan on the phone or met in person. In an interview about this, Imran Khan once again got gritty. During an interview, the host asked Imran Khan on some issue that when you put these points in front of Biden, what did he say? On this Imran Khan said, ‘No, I have not spoken to Biden yet.’

Surprising not to talk about Biden
The host asked in surprise, ‘What! Have you spoken to Biden yet?’ Imran Khan said it depends on him, he is a ‘superpower’. The host said that you are a neighboring country of Afghanistan, you have an important role in the country, yet President Biden did not talk to you? It’s amazing. Imran Khan tried to explain but his gestures were telling that he has been insulted.
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Imran Khan clarified
Giving clarification, Imran Khan said, ‘Our security chiefs have spoken among themselves, the foreign minister of Pakistan is in touch with the US foreign minister. But we haven’t spoken yet but we are in constant touch. The pressure from the US on Pakistan is increasing continuously. Pakistan is America’s ‘major non-NATO ally’. In view of Pakistan’s role in the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, the US is now considering withdrawing this status from it.


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