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Video: For the first time in 70000 years, NASA saw the ‘green tail’, Leonard Comet passing close to the earth

Two satellites probing the Sun have recorded an amazing video of the bright green Comet Leonard. This comet is passing near Earth for the first time in 70,000 years. It was discovered in January this year. Since then, it has been moving rapidly towards the Sun and Earth at a speed of about 160,000 miles per hour. This giant ball of ice and dust is about half a mile (about 1 km) wide.

The video was captured by NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory spacecraft (STEREO-A) and the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Solar Orbiter Observatory. STEREO-A has been tracking the green comet since November. With the help of dozens of pictures, the NASA team has been able to create a short animation. NASA has released different photos to show the light emanating from the comet.
Comet Leonard India: Green Comet Leonard is about to pass close to Earth, this is the first time in 70000 years
Satellites going to capture amazing sight in 2022
This is when it ejects volatile materials such as gas and water ice, causing its brightness to change continuously. The ESA spacecraft and the US space agency captured video of the comet as part of a joint project, between December 17 and 19. Comet Leonard will make its closest approach to the Sun after several centuries on January 3, 2022. Before that event, both the satellites have been sent in its direction.

Comet will pass close to Earth in December
NASA has used an animated image specially designed to highlight the comet and its tail. Scientists told that the closer the interior of this icy rock comes to the Sun, the hotter it gets. First it emits blue dust, then yellow or white and finally green. The green tail means this comet is very hot. It has a lot of cyanide and diatomic carbon and is equally likely to break down.