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Vice President Oktay spoke about the oil spill originating from Syria: There is nothing to worry about

Vice President Fuat Oktay, Syria welding oil spillof CyprusRegarding the work carried out on its progress towards . used the phrases.

Vice President Oktay, by connecting to the Main News program of Bayrak Radio and Television Corporation (BRTK), made evaluations about the progress of the Syrian oil spill towards Cyprus.

Stating that they follow every issue and negative situations very closely in the TRNC, Oktay said that from the first moment they heard about the oil spill, they started to work by mobilizing all the possibilities.

Oktay noted that they consulted with TRNC President Ersin Tatar and Prime Minister Ersan Saner, as well as Turkish institutions and ministries in the TRNC, and the Crisis Center established on the issue regarding the impending oil spill in the TRNC.

Emphasizing that Turkey and TRNC institutions intervened in a coordinated way in the oil spill originating from Syria, Oktay said, “Everything is under control at the moment.” said.

Oktay noted that according to the information reflected in the press, although it was not officially announced, a leak started from Syria on 24-25 August and said that a leak consisting of a storage tank of approximately 15 thousand cubic meters was mentioned and this was fuel-oil.

Vice President Oktay said, “The leak approached the Dipkarpaz region up to 12 nautical miles. It was already around 15 miles yesterday. We do not see that there is a very urgent situation here because the direction of the current has changed.” said.

Emphasizing that the pollution in this current, which started from the Syrian coast and has been formed for a long time, has turned into a dimension that can be described as a “surface current”, Oktay said that it has started to sink to the seabed in some parts, but it is very sensitive in terms of its own regions.

“All of our opportunities also mean TRNC’s”

Oktay continued:

“At the moment, we have moved the emergency response ships here (Karpaz) with both absorbent barriers, collectors, tugboats, in case the size of the event grows. Our two ships, named Seyit Corporal and Nene Hatun, are already very advanced technology and large ships. Their collection capacity is also extremely high. We are talking about ships with high and sea surface oil detection radars. Currently, both our Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization have been on alert for several days in the Dipkarpaz region. Currently, the collection works have actually started. The issue is being closely followed together with the TRNC Prime Ministry and our ministries. (oil spills) have started to collect. If there is a possibility of reaching the shore, additional measures have been taken there. There is nothing to cause any concern. Turkey is a strong state, our unity, solidarity and solidarity with the TRNC is extremely clear. Our possibilities are All n also means TRNC. There is no need for our brothers in the TRNC to be alarmed or worried in this regard. All necessary precautions have been taken.”

Vice President Oktay stated that the environment is very sensitive and emphasized the importance of being sensitive to the environment.

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