SportsVerstappen makes Zandvoort boil

Verstappen makes Zandvoort boil

Almost four decades after the F1 World Cup last visited the Netherlands, the championship returns this year to Zandvoort, where a fully devoted fan worships Max Verstappen, for the first time in a position to be crowned world champion. Unbeatable decision of the promoter of the contest if we take into account what was seen both in the free sessions on Friday and in the timed session of this Saturday, a very generous aperitif of the festival that is coming on Sunday. Aside from crowding the stands, dyed completely orange, the fans had a blast due to the challenge presented by this old-fashioned layout, with several traps spread out along its 4.2 kilometers of rope. None of them caught Verstappen, dominator of the tests and author of the ‘pole’, the seventh of the course for him and the tenth of his service record, one of the most celebrated.


Next to the Red Bull driver will start Lewis Hamilton, who struggled at the last minute and beat his Valtteri Bottas (third), his Mercedes teammate, in the last attempt of the third round (Q3). Carlos Sainz will start sixth thanks to Ferrari rebuilding his car in time after the accident suffered by the Madrid native in morning training. Fernando Alonso, meanwhile, will do the ninth.


The incorporation of Zandvoort to the calendar once again makes clear the lack of unanimity in the criteria of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and Liberty Media, the promoter, regarding the choice of the facilities in which they compete. The circuit is beautiful and has everything that was missed about the newly created tracks, marked by the angled corners and asphalt loopholes, very magnanimous with the mistakes of the drivers. In this case, the slightest failure sends you to the gravel, in the best of cases, and against the barriers in most of them. The teams arrived completely in the dark, without data, a circumstance that still added a little more uncertainty to the thing.

“This is the most difficult circuit we have faced. It has only one line and if you go out, you go out for sure ”, said Sainz. “It is a bit surprising that we run here, because we are facing an unforgiving track. Seven years ago all the circuits were like this, but now it is not the usual thing. But it is also true that there are many fans and that the stands are full of people cheering for Vertstappen ”, considered Alonso.

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