Veg Gold Burger is being sold in Ludhiana, this challenge has to...

Veg Gold Burger is being sold in Ludhiana, this challenge has to be completed to eat for free

This burger is plated with gold work.

New Delhi:

Who would be such a good person in the world who does not like tasty food? Most of the people are engaged in scouring the streets for some delicious food. Just during this time, people have to face some such things, which they remember forever. Now, you must be eating burgers often, but these days a special burger is making headlines for a special reason. Which is also being discussed a lot on social media.

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This time the burger which has become the reason for the interest of the people, your senses will be blown away only after hearing its price. Actually, to eat the burger we are discussing here, the customer will have to spend the entire amount of 1000. However, you can also eat this burger for free. But a challenge has been kept for this.

Now if someone wants to eat this burger and does not pay any money for it, then he will have to do one thing. This burger will have to be eaten completely in 299 seconds. If you are successful in doing this, then you can eat this burger for free. A video of this special burger has gone viral. This Veg Gold Burger of Baba Ji Burger is being discussed a lot.

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Another interesting thing is that the burger we are talking about here is not from any food chain company. Rather, it is being sold by street vendors with Baba Ji Burgers. In Ludhiana, Punjab, this street vendor is selling one thousand veg burgers by the name of ‘Baba Ji Burger Wale’. This burger is plated with gold work, so its price has been fixed at Rs 1,000. Because of which this burger is being sold at such a high price.