IndiaVD Satheesan with important move; Oommen Chandy, Thiruvanchoor .. Finally Harippadethi...

VD Satheesan with important move; Oommen Chandy, Thiruvanchoor .. Finally Harippadethi met Chennithala


  • Vidy Satheesan reached Harippad and met Chennithala
  • After meeting Oommen Chandy
  • Discussions were also held with Thiruvanchoor

Alappuzha: Opposition leader VD Satheesan has taken an important step following the controversy over the announcement of the DCC president. Satheesan is holding discussions with senior leaders. He reached Puthuppally this morning and met Oommen Chandy. In the afternoon he reached Harippad and met Ramesh Chennithala. Satheesan had also met Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan from Kottayam.

The meeting with VD Satheesan started after the senior leaders started reacting to the announcement of the chairperson. The meeting of the Leader of the Opposition was aimed at resolving the current issues and reaching a consensus. Satheesan met Ramesh Chennithala at Harippad.

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After visiting Oommen Chandy, VD Satheesan told the media that if there was any difference of opinion among the senior leaders, it would be resolved. There will never be a situation where senior leaders are in trouble. The Congress is a democratic party. We will resolve the issue through discussions and move forward. He also said that the power of reconciliation increases when there are conflicts.

Oommen Chandy said that he would respond sympathetically to the discussions held with the Leader of the Opposition. Not to mention the old stuff. Charles are the style of Congress. Congress is big. Congress is first and group is second. There are some problems in Congress. There is pain in having difficult situations. These issues will be resolved through discussions. He also said that he agrees with the opinion of the Leader of the Opposition.

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VD Satheesan met Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan at his house in Puthuppally after meeting Oommen Chandy. The meeting was also held in the context of Thiruvanchoor ‘s response to Ramesh Chennithala’s.

After the meeting, Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan said that VD Satheesan came home as part of seeing everyone. They want to bring everyone together. His position is the same. Everyone should line up behind AICC and KPCC. After the meeting with Satheesan, Thiruvanchoor had said that there should be a friendly atmosphere in the party.

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A section of leaders had lodged a complaint with the High Command against Oommen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala during the public reaction to the announcement of the DCC president. It is reported that the faction supporting KPCC president K Sudhakaran and VD Satheesan has lodged a complaint with the high command. VD Satheesan met the leaders during the discussion of this news.

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