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Uzbekistan uses experience and knowledge of Turkey – ambassador

Turkey is the first country to recognize the independence of Uzbekistan on December 16, 1991. The Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Ankara Alisher Azamkhochayev said this to the Anadolu agency, commenting on the 30th anniversary of his country’s independence and the concept of “New Uzbekistan”.

“Thus, it can be said that Turkey has fulfilled its brotherly duty. Diplomatic relations between our countries were established on March 4, 1992. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Eternal Friendship and Cooperation between the two countries. In general, it is worth pointing out that relations between Uzbekistan and Turkey have moved to a qualitatively new level over the past five years, ”the ambassador said.

Azamkhochaev noted that over the past five years, memorandums of cooperation and exchange of experience have been signed and implemented between the relevant structures of Uzbekistan and Turkey in various fields: from health to safety, from education to culture, from finance to law, from agriculture to forestry, from the environment to construction, from the tax area to the activities of archives.

Currently, bilateral trade relations between the two countries continue to grow rapidly. Turkey, which was previously the fifth trade partner of Uzbekistan, has risen to fourth place in recent years, the Uzbek diplomat said.

The ambassador also stressed that the pandemic had no negative impact on economic relations between Uzbekistan and Turkey.

According to him, during the pandemic, Turkey sent medical assistance to Uzbekistan, including various equipment and medicines, and 16 Turkish specialist doctors were sent to the Central Asian republic in order to combat the pandemic and exchange experience with Uzbek colleagues.

Currently, there are more than 1,744 companies with Turkish participation in Uzbekistan, the source said.

“In almost all areas, Uzbekistan uses and implements the practice and knowledge of Turkey. Currently, Turkish specialists work as advisers in many ministries. Significant success has been achieved recently in the field of education, ”the Uzbek diplomat added.

Azamhochaev also spoke about plans to develop cooperation in the field of culture between the two countries, which were postponed against the backdrop of the pandemic.

In this regard, he said that the “Days of Culture and Cinema of Uzbekistan” will be organized in Turkey in 2022.

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