WorldUzbek Foreign Ministry: Border with Afghanistan is completely closed

Uzbek Foreign Ministry: Border with Afghanistan is completely closed

At present, the Uzbek-Afghan border is completely closed and there is no ground crossing through the Termez checkpoint. This was announced on Monday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

This is how the ministry reacted to reports from news agencies and websites about “Uzbekistan’s readiness to open its borders to people fleeing the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.”

“In order to ensure security, the Uzbek-Afghan border is currently completely closed and no land crossing through the Termez checkpoint is carried out. In the near future, the opening of the Termez checkpoint on the Uzbek-Afghan border is not planned, ”the Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry warned that any attempts to cross the border, regardless of their reasons, will be suppressed in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It is reported that over the past 12 days, Tashkent has assisted a number of states in the implementation of humanitarian operations to evacuate its citizens from Afghanistan, who arrived and departed from Uzbekistan exclusively by air.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates that the Republic of Uzbekistan does not accept Afghan refugees on its territory, provides assistance in transit, providing for their strictly limited time in the country. We emphasize again that the Uzbek side is firmly committed to maintaining traditionally friendly and good-neighborly relations with Afghanistan and the principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of the neighboring country, ”the ministry stressed.

How the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan

The withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan began as part of a peace agreement reached between the United States and the Taliban in February 2020.

The agreement noted that foreign forces should not be attacked, but the actions of the Taliban against the Afghan security forces were not specified.

Against the backdrop of ongoing inter-Afghan negotiations in Doha, the Taliban intensified their attacks, mainly in June, seizing control over many counties and then over the administrative centers of Afghanistan in a short time.

The Taliban seized control of the Afghan capital, Kabul, without a fight, after President Ashraf Ghani left the country on August 15. The Taliban control all the provinces of Afghanistan except Panjshir.

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