IndiaUthra murder: Sooraj convicted, convicted on Wednesday

Uthra murder: Sooraj convicted, convicted on Wednesday


  • Court action in Kollam Uthra murder case.
  • The court said it was strange and diabolical.
  • Defendant’s attorney said it was not murder.

Kollam: The court has found Sooraj guilty in the Uthra murder case which shocked Kerala. The verdict will be handed down on Wednesday, the court said. The verdict was passed by the Kollam Sixth Additional Sessions Court. The court found Sooraj guilty under four sections. The court found Sooraj guilty on the ground that the case had circumstantial evidence that should be considered in rare cases. He was brought to court at 12 noon for a verdict.

The prosecution told the court that this was a rare case where the death penalty could be imposed and therefore there should be a verdict that sends the right message to society. The prosecution said the case was bizarre, vicious and atrocious and that Sooraj should be sentenced to death. Defendant planned another murder when his own wife cried out in pain. The prosecution told the court that the accused did not deserve any kind of mercy. However, the defense counsel told the court that Uthra was not a murderer. Asked by the court whether he had anything to say, Sooraj said he had nothing to say.

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The verdict came a year, five months and four months after Uthra was killed. The investigation team filed the chargesheet in the case in record time and completed the trial. Uthra was found dead on May 7, 2020 at his home in Anchal Eram, Vellassery. According to the prosecution, Sooraj, a native of Adoor Parakode, killed Uthra by biting his wife with a snake to avoid her and seize their property. The police investigation also found that the accused had tried to make the snake bite angry. The investigation into the incident was based on a complaint lodged by the girl’s parents.

Sooraj was brought to the notice of the probe team after gathering scientific evidence in a case where there were no witnesses. The investigation was based on Utra’s post-mortem report, post – mortem report of the bitten snake, chemical test results, forensic examination of the mobile phone call and dummy test. The probe team had submitted statements by 87 witnesses and 288 documents to the court. The biggest feature of the Uttara murder case is that the murder was committed using a living object as a weapon.

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Although the murder was clearly planned, Uthra’s family was reportedly suspicious of Sooraj’s lack of faith in the accused’s explanation and over-acting. Uthra, who had been bitten by a snake once but miraculously escaped death, was bitten by a snake again within a month and a half.

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