Used to do business in London, came to India and became 'Matka...

Used to do business in London, came to India and became ‘Matka Man’, Anand Mahindra shared the story of this superhero

Used to do business in London, came to India and became ‘Matka Man’

Anand Mahindra often shares inspirational posts on social media. Recently, he has shared the story of “Matka Man” on Twitter, who helps the needy through water supply. Anand Mahindra has shared a post in praise of a Delhi-based man, whose real name is Alag Nataraja aka ‘Matka Man’, on a mission to provide drinking water to lakhs of people of the city. Natarajan, who lives in Panchsheel Park and drives in his SUV every day, fills earthen pots across South Delhi with clean drinking water. “Matka is an Indian earthen pot, traditionally used to keep water cool. I am using the pot to provide drinking water to poor people,” he said on his website.

He started this work with an earthen pot outside his house, which has now turned into a mission to make pots all over South Delhi. This initiative of his has given him recognition as ‘Matka Man’, now he is known by the name of Matka Man among the people. According to the New Indian Express, Natarajan wakes up every morning at 5 o’clock to fill around 70 to 80 pots of water that people can drink for free.

Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra praised the South Delhi man in a tweet saying, “A superhero who is more powerful than the entire Marvel stable. Matka Man. Let us tell you that he was an entrepreneur in England and a cancer winner who has returned to India only to serve the poor. Thank you sir for honoring Bolero by making it a part of your noble cause.”

In his tweet, Mahindra has also lauded the ‘Matka Man’ of Delhi for returning to his hometown to serve the poor after spending more than three decades in London. “He was apparently an entrepreneur and cancer winner in England, who returned to India to serve the poor,” he wrote.

Mr Mahindra also shared a video of a different Natarajan and his Bolero, which he uses to move water tanks.

This video has been viewed more than 65 thousand times so far. People are commenting a lot on the video. Along with this, different is also praising Natarajan fiercely.

Apart from providing water to the residents of Delhi, Natarajan drives construction workers and laborers to provide food twice or thrice a week. He has also installed around 100 cycle pumps in South Delhi “to provide 24/7 air access to the poor”.