IndiaUsed the bike of a man who died in a car accident;...

Used the bike of a man who died in a car accident; Suspension for two policemen


  • The suspension is based on the investigation
  • Allegedly trying to settle the case
  • The suspension is for grade SIs

Malappuram: Two police officers have been suspended for illegally using the bike of a person who died in a road accident. The officers of Malappuram Katampuzha police station were suspended. The action is against grade SIs Santosh and Polly.

The vehicle of Vincent, a native of Karnataka, was illegally used by the police. The two-wheeler was used by police for personal use after being repainted.

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As soon as a complaint was lodged against the police, an investigation was launched by the Tanur DySP. The action was taken after the Malappuram SP examined the investigation report. It is alleged that there was an attempt from a high level to settle the case.

Meanwhile, a policeman who was suspended in connection with the theft of Rs 500,000 using the PIN number of the ATM card of the accused’s sister, who was arrested by the police in a theft case, has been dismissed from service. Taliparamba police station civil police officer Cheruthazham Sreesanth’s EN Srikanth has been sacked following a charge of theft.

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Gokuli, 26, of Pulimparambu Lakshman Colony was arrested in connection with the theft of Rs 70,000 from the ATM card of Manoj Kumar, a resident of Chokli, and Rs 2,000 from his purse. Srikanth, who was part of the probe team, secretly asked for the PIN number of his sister’s ATM card in Gokul’s possession and then stole around Rs 500,000. The event is in April this year. The policeman was caught when his sister lodged a complaint with the then Taliparamba DySP after realizing that the money had been lost.

Covid had earlier in the day staged a controversial campaign against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan by the same police officer in the new media.

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