WorldUS troops begin to withdraw from Kabul airport

US troops begin to withdraw from Kabul airport

The Pentagon announced on August 28 that US troops had begun withdrawing from Kabul airport after two chaotic and volatile weeks of trying to evacuate all citizens and Afghans at risk of retaliation by the Taliban government.

US soldiers assist with evacuation at Kabul airport.

The US said it had killed two ISIS-K militants who played a role in planning, after a bloody suicide bombing occurred outside the airport on August 26.

US Army Major General William Taylor said: “The strike occurred in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. I can confirm because of additional information that two high-ranking ISIS targets have been killed and one person injured. And there were no civilian casualties.”

The explosion outside the airport on August 26, which killed many people, including 13 US soldiers, further highlighted the danger in the final stages of the mission in Afghanistan.
US President Joe Biden pledged that Washington would track down the perpetrators of this bloody attack. “We’re going to track them down and make them pay,” Biden said.

US troops begin to withdraw from Kabul airport - photo 2

American citizens boarded an evacuation plane.

As the evacuation nears its end, a State Department spokesman said on August 28 that about 350 Americans were still trying to leave Afghanistan. To date, about 5,400 US citizens have been evacuated since August 14, according to the US government.

In addition, US officials also warned of a high risk of further attacks by IS fighters.


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