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US to evacuate a group of Afghan citizens who worked with the US military with their families

Making evaluations at the daily press conference, Price worked with the US military. Afghan citizens “Our biggest concern is the safety and security of those who have worked with us for years in Afghanistan. This is exactly why we have identified a group of applicants to take them out of the country with their families.” said.

USAReminding that 18 thousand people from Afghanistan applied to the Special Visa Program applied to those who support foreign operations, Price said that about half of this number had started their transactions.

Explaining that the number of Afghans they will take out of the country has not been determined yet, Price said, “We have determined these applicants to be taken out of the country before the President’s 9/11 date for withdrawal, that is, before the withdrawal of our troops is finished.” said.

The US administration reached an agreement with the Taliban on February 29, 2020, and agreed to withdraw completely from Afghanistan on May 1, 2021.

President Joe Biden’s administration announced that they would withdraw completely from May 1 until September 11.

US Central Command (CENTCOMAccording to its latest statement, more than 50 percent of the withdrawal has been completed and 6 military bases have been handed over to Afghan forces, but the command has not yet officially announced the number of troops withdrawn.

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