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US Russia Tension: America’s B-52 bomber reached near Russia, Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets chased

The raging tension in the Black Sea has now reached the Pacific Ocean, east of Russia. On Sunday evening, an American B-52 bomber made landfall in the Pacific Ocean near Russian airspace. After which Russia, who came into action, sent its Sukhoi Su-35 fighter planes. After which these Russian fighter planes drove America’s bomber away from their air range.

What is the reason for the recent US-Russia tensions?
These days America and Ukraine are conducting major maneuvers in the Black Sea. This has raised the eyebrows of Russia. In response, Russia has also tested its Coastal Defense Missile and Air Defense Missile in Crimea, annexed from Ukraine. Meanwhile, the infiltration of B-52 bombers of the US Air Force has increased the tension further.

Now Russia expels American reconnaissance aircraft, there is a possibility of increasing tension in both countries
American planes have already come close to the Russian border
NATO countries regularly send their jets and drones to patrol Russia’s borders, particularly close to the country’s western borders. In response, the Russian Air Force sends its fighters to counter those planes. So far, in all cases, the aircraft of NATO countries have returned safely after receiving the warning. The Kremlin, the office of the Russian President, has repeatedly condemned such incursions by NATO countries.

Russian fighter jets have now driven out American B-52 bombers from the Bering Sea, the third incident in 8 days
Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement
The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian Air Force sent a fourth-generation Su-35S fighter aircraft to intercept the US Air Force B-52H long-range strategic bomber. The ministry said that this US bomber came close to the borders of Russia in the Pacific Ocean. After which three Russian fighter jets took this US jet away from its airspace.

Said- American bomber was fired
The Defense Ministry insisted that the attacker had been intercepted before crossing the Russian border. He also claimed that the Russian Air Force fully complied with international aviation laws in escorting American aircraft. Su-35S jets return to their airbase after a B-52H bomber was taken away from the borders of Russian airspace.

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America’s B-52 Bomber