India'US raises Taliban with milk and guns'; 'Afghanistan is a time...

‘US raises Taliban with milk and guns’; ‘Afghanistan is a time bomb of terrorism’


  • Criticism of the US
  • Licensing of Taliban growth terrorism
  • Thomas Isaac says that one terror can be fertile ground for another

Thiruvananthapuram: CPM leader and former finance minister Thomas Isaac has sharply criticized the US after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US troops. In a Facebook post, Thomas Isaac criticized the US for returning to Afghanistan, leaving behind a time bomb of terrorism.

Thomas Isaac said that many countries that were attacked by the United States are now in the grip of religious extremism. In countries such as Iraq, Libya and Syria, the US has carried out attacks to overthrow established governments. Thomas Isaacs said the current situation in Afghanistan could lead to a rise in terrorism in many parts of the world. The far right of all religions is a threat to the world as a whole. He also cited reports that the current situation in Afghanistan would benefit the BJP in the UP elections. He also criticized the Taliban for licensing religious extremism in democracies.

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Thomas Isaac said that many Muslim-majority countries had previously emphasized secular values ​​and women’s emancipation, and that communist and socialist movements were strong in these areas. But Isaac said the U.S. was promoting Saudi-based Wahhabi Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to counter this influence.

Isaacs argued that the U.S. argument that the U.S. was interfering in other countries for freedom and democratic rights was baseless. “But the vulgarity of this rhetoric becomes apparent when one considers that the Taliban-like religious terrorism was fostered against the Afghan government, which ensured education, gender justice and land reform.” Thomas Isaac wrote on Facebook. He said the US had poured money and weapons into Taliban camps.

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The Taliban have said that such historical facts are tearing apart the masks of those like Jamaat-e-Islami who see the Taliban as saints. The ideology of the Taliban is extremely inhumane. Thomas Isaac said that those who justify them are more inhumane than they are and that one terror can be the basis of another. He added that this would be a threat to democracy.

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