WorldUS President Biden announces nominees for ambassadors to Japan and China

US President Biden announces nominees for ambassadors to Japan and China

In a statement from the White House, it was reported that Biden chose former White House Secretary General Rahm Israel Emanuel as Ambassador to Japan and former senior State Department employee Nicholas Burns as Ambassador to China.

Emanuel, who has a three-term Congressional background in his political career, also served as the White House Personnel Manager of former US President Barack Obama and a senior adviser in the Bill Clinton administration.

Emanuel most recently served as mayor of Chicago twice.

Burns, who has been a foreign policy expert for a long time, will take on one of the most critical ambassadorial duties in terms of managing relations with China, which the USA sees as a rival, if approved.

The White House also served as the Tanzanian Ambassador to Dr. Michael Battle has been nominated.

All three of Biden’s nominees must be approved by the Senate.

Biden administration slow to appoint ambassadors

Joe Biden, who has been the President of the United States since January, is moving very slowly when it comes to ambassador appointments compared to former presidents.

Biden’s only approved candidate to date is Ken Salazar, who has been appointed to the Mexican Embassy.

Currently vacant embassy appointments from key countries such as China, India, France, Canada and Israel are still awaiting approval.

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