WorldUS police drag paraplegic black man in new brutality case

US police drag paraplegic black man in new brutality case

The Dayton, Ohio, court opened an investigation into agents who forcibly ripped a paraplegic driver out of his car during drug control on Sept. 30. Clifford Owensby, 39, said he felt powerless when he was pulled out of the vehicle, thrown to the ground and handcuffed before being placed in the back of a patrol car in the United States.

The police action was recorded by the video camera of one of the agents themselves. Officers say they saw Owensby drive his car out of a home where narcotics were supposedly sold. They argued in their defense that the driver’s “history of serious crimes with drugs and weapons” justified an inspection with dogs, and that for that, the suspect must be “outdoors”.

According to the agents’ account, Owensby said he could not leave because he is a paraplegic and refused help to do so. “He grabbed the wheel and then was taken by force from the vehicle,” they added.

The footage shows Owensby repeatedly telling agents he couldn’t get out of his car, threatening to file a lawsuit, calling someone and asking them to “bring some people with cameras” in order to record the arrest. Officers found a $22,000 cash bag in the car, which attracted the dog’s attention, meaning “the money had been very close to illegal drugs,” police said.

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