WorldUS official said 'does not support Taiwan independence', how does Taipei react?

US official said ‘does not support Taiwan independence’, how does Taipei react?

On July 7, spokesman for Taiwan’s foreign affairs agency Au Giang An emphasized that Taiwan is not part of China. Ms. Au affirmed that the Taiwanese government has long handled the relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait with caution, while protecting freedom and democracy.

Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs Service responded as follows after asserting that the US “does not support Taiwan independence” by US government officials.

Meanwhile, on the same day, on July 7, Chairman of the opposition Kuomintang Party in Taiwan, Jiang Kaichen, said the statement was a “clear reminder” to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party government that there was not much support for it. international community’s support for Taiwan’s independence.

Jiang said the Democratic Progressive Party-led government should realize that the pursuit of Taiwan’s independence is “a road that leads nowhere” and that Taipei should resume dialogue with Beijing, which has been put on hold. Since Tsai Ing-wen took over to lead Taiwan in 2016.

Earlier on July 6, the Regional Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific region of the US National Security Council, Kurt Campbell, made an assertion that the US “does not support Taiwan independence”.

US National Security Council Indo-Pacific Coordinator Kurt Campbell

Mr. Campbell stressed the importance of standing between supporting Taiwan and escalating tensions with China. He also said that the US recognizes and understands the “sensitive” issues related to Taiwan.

“It’s a very fragile, dangerous balance, but it’s a balance that must be maintained and the United States has extremely important interests in maintaining peace and stability that other countries will recognize as well.” , according to Mr. Campbell.

Accordingly, the administration of President Joe Biden has no intention of changing the status quo. “We support a close informal relationship with Taiwan. We do not support Taiwan independence,” Campbell said.
Beijing has not yet responded to Mr. Campbell’s statement as well as to the Taiwanese side’s statement.


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