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US: Navy engineer was trying to sell nuclear submarine intelligence, trapped in FBI’s trap

A US Navy nuclear engineer and his wife have been arrested on espionage charges. It is alleged that he tried to sell confidential information. The US Department of Justice has given this information. According to court documents on Sunday, Jonathan Tobey and his wife Diana Toebe were arrested on charges of violating the Atomic Energy Act.

According to the documents, he was accused of attempting to sell the design of nuclear-powered warships to a person he believed to be a representative of a foreign power. The FBI says that in April 2020 Toebe sent a package of Navy documents to a “foreign government” and wrote that he was interested in selling information on Virginia-class nuclear submarine reactors.
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Memory card hidden in chewing gum packet
The Justice Department said Toebe was arrested Saturday along with his wife in West Virginia after placing a memory card in the ‘dead drop’. Toebe’s wife Diana is a teacher. He hid the memory card in things like peanut butter sandwiches, chewing gum packets. Toebe served for 15 months in the office of the Chief of Naval Operations. He was employed on naval nuclear propulsion since 2012.

Undercover FBI agent gave a hoax
Toebe said in a message that he hoped the foreign government would expel him and his family if ever he was caught. We had our passports and money set aside for this situation. An undercover FBI agent posing as a representative of a foreign government contacted Toebe and promised to pay thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency in exchange for intelligence input. The deal was settled at $100,00 in crypto. He was paid $70,000 before being caught.


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