WorldUS diplomats 'disappointed' with Biden over what happened in Afghanistan

US diplomats ‘disappointed’ with Biden over what happened in Afghanistan

Speaking to Reuters news agency on condition of anonymity, the five US officials noted that the way Biden handled the evacuation from Kabul “has turned into great disappointment and anger for them”.

Believing a more orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan is likely, the military official said, “We could have done a lot more to help, the administration has waited too long.” said.

A senior administration official also cited comments by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan that “Biden’s team has been engaged in extensive scenario planning for months and is prepared for this challenge,” urging local embassy employees who have been sitting at home for weeks to find their own way through the airport in Kabul. He argued that he was left alone.

Failure in planning and intelligence

Another official, who made detailed evaluations to the news agency, stated that the Biden administration was “behind the curve” while things were getting worse in Afghanistan, “Every decision was made in response to the events that took place, and decisions were taken too late.” used the phrase.

The official, who stated that he was the judge on the subject, said that the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, which prevented evacuations, prompted some embassy officials to express their concerns that there was an insufficient number of US soldiers to keep the airport safe, which reflected inadequate planning and intelligence failures.

US diplomats mentioned that they want a bigger role in the evacuation of Afghans, who are at risk because the US military cooperated with them weeks ago.

A military official serving in Afghanistan said: “Today, I am filled with feelings of frustration and disgust. I have lost my confidence.” said.

The process of Taliban domination of the country

Within the framework of the peace agreement reached between the USA and the Taliban in February 2020, the process of withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan began this year.

While the agreement stipulated not to attack foreign forces, it did not make provision for the actions of the Taliban against Afghan security forces.

Continuing the negotiations with the Afghan government in Doha, the Taliban have simultaneously dominated many districts and provincial centers in Afghanistan with violent attacks since June.

Besieging the capital Kabul, the Taliban took control of the city without conflict after President Ashraf Ghani left the country on 15 August.

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