WorldUS-China talks 'tense' for 7 hours on Russia situation

US-China talks ‘tense’ for 7 hours on Russia situation

The White House said the seven-hour meeting between the two diplomats was “tense”, demonstrating “the gravity of the current situation”.

Mr. Sullivan warned that China could face economic sanctions and isolation if it supports Russia in its military campaign in Ukraine.

“If they provide military support or any other form, which of course violates the sanctions and supports the war effort, they will face significant consequences. But what specifically, we will work with allies and partners to decide,” emphasized White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Meanwhile, Yang Jiechi stressed that “China firmly opposes any words or actions that spread false information, distort or smear China’s position”, according to AFP news agency.

The United States has previously informed its NATO allies that China has signaled its readiness to provide military and economic assistance to Russia.

China denies Russia’s offer of military assistance


However, on March 14, China said such reports were “American-style disinformation”. Russia also denied that it had called on China for military support, and asserted that it has enough military power to fulfill its objectives in Ukraine.

In recent weeks, officials in the United States and allied nations have been trying to emphasize to China that siding with Russia could affect trade and develop new technology, as well as make Beijing worse. punished.

China is Russia’s major trading partner. The country did not condemn Russia’s military action in Ukraine. Last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for “maximum restraint” and expressed concern about the impact on the global economy from Western sanctions.

White House adviser said the US does not allow anyone to help Russia