WorldUS calls on Taliban to ensure safe evacuation from Afghanistan

US calls on Taliban to ensure safe evacuation from Afghanistan

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield called on the Taliban and other parties in Afghanistan to ensure the safe evacuation of people from the country.

“All Afghan and foreign citizens wishing to leave should be able to do so in a safe environment. President Biden has made it clear that any action that endangers US citizens or our mission will be followed by a swift and decisive military response, ”the diplomat said at an emergency UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan.

Afghans deserve to live in safe and dignified conditions, she said.

“The United States has pledged to be generous with the resettlement of Afghans in our country. And I am encouraged that other countries have pledged to do the same, ”added a spokeswoman for Washington.

Just like the UN Secretary General, the US Ambassador called on the states bordering Afghanistan, as well as all countries – in the region and beyond – to provide temporary or permanent refuge for Afghans leaving their homeland.

Thomas-Greenfield recalled the need to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, who are suffering not only from the armed conflict, but also from the consequences of the drought and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“According to the World Food Program, more than 500 tons of humanitarian supplies are now at border crossings captured by Taliban forces. Deliveries must resume immediately and WFP must be immediately provided with safe, permanent access to deliver much-needed assistance, ”said Thomas-Greenfield.

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