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US Army Weapons: Maneuver with ‘across the wall’ viewing glasses, check out this hi-tech gadget of US soldiers

These days the US military is busy preparing for the future war. This is the reason why American soldiers are performing maneuvers with hi-tech glasses at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington these days. With the help of this glasses, American soldiers will be able to easily find out about the situation in the outside world while sitting at a safe distance. This spectacle is able to easily show them the situation on the other side of the wall. As soon as this new equipment is inducted into the US Army, soldiers will be able to understand the real conditions of the scene in a very short time. Soldiers going to the battlefield sense the situation outside only through the small windows inside their armored vehicle. But, the system fitted in this glasses will easily show them the external situation and movement sitting inside the vehicle. This system is named Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS). It will be given to the Special Forces carrying out close combat operations like insurgency, terrorism in urban areas, besides personnel traveling in and out of tanks with them.

US Army ordered 40 thousand glasses

The US Army has ordered at least 40,000 pieces of this system as an initial order. Through these integrated visual augmentation systems, soldiers will be able to see in the dark, in the corners of houses and operation sites, as well as digital maps and other data can also be projected on their lenses. These goggles take feeds from omnidirectional cameras mounted on the outside of armored vehicles. Therefore, a squad of six soldiers operating in a Bradley or Stryker infantry vehicle would be able to see across the wall as well. This will rapidly increase the understanding of the scene within the soldiers. At which time the enemies can be easily eliminated through the right decision and lethal attack. Sergeant Philip Bartel of the US Army’s 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team said that after wearing this goggles, no soldier would be hanging in a dangerous position outside a vehicle or armored vehicle in enemy territory. We will come to know about every movement and situation outside while sitting inside. This will increase our fighting ability manifold. This allows the commander inside the vehicle to move his site around to get real-time updates about the situation on all four sides without having to step out of the armored vehicle’s defenses. Such information will minimize the loss or casualties of soldiers during war or any encounter.

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These glasses will act as a fighter pilot’s head-up display

The design bureau designed IVAS goggles to function in a similar way to a fighter pilot’s heads-up display. Fighter pilots use their heads-up display to get all aircraft data right on the screen of their helmet. Through which he not only gets the information related to flying the aircraft in a short time, but can also easily target the enemies. In the same way, these glasses of IVAS are also going to work. In which the soldier wearing this will get all the necessary information including maps, videos and night vision of that area on the screen of the helmet itself. Soldiers need a lot of data to operate on the battlefield, although they keep a limited amount of data due to their equipment, ammunition, and other essential equipment. Now with this new head-up display, they will be able to access a range of data on the battlefield in a modern, more accurate and quicker way. In the field of war, soldiers can carry out effective action by using digital maps instead of plastic laminated maps kept in their pockets.

Glasses can be attached to rifle scopes and micro drones

The great thing is that if the enemy is in front of their eyes, they can access any data without taking their eyes off it. This goggles can also use a rifle-mounted thermal imaging night vision scope to tell its soldier the position on all four sides. This scope is mounted on the rifle, with the help of which the soldier makes his target better. With this technology, any soldier can easily monitor the situation in the field of battle by moving his rifle around in a safe cover. For this he does not even need to leave his cover. With this, the soldier also gets information about the situation at that time and he can also stay away from the enemy’s target. Apart from this, this goggles can also be connected to the micro drone camera. By flying which in the battlefield, soldiers can get information about the situation there without reaching there.

The strength of the US Army will increase in the battlefield

A 2020 report on the IVAS system explains how soldiers are trending with this new technology. According to the Director of Operational Tests and Environment of the US Army, soldiers wearing these goggles can get every single information of that area during the war immediately. Mechanized infantry, cavalry and engineers all move through armored vehicles on the battlefield. They know where they are being taken, they also know what to do after disembarkation, but all these soldiers often rely on a screen or a driver driving the vehicle to let them know. Where are they in real time? When the vehicle stops on the battlefield, as soon as the ramp opens, the soldiers rush to a safe haven without having to worry about the surroundings. From there they determine where the enemy is and what strategy should be adopted against him. But, thanks to this spectacle, now the soldiers sitting in the car will be able to easily see outside the steel and iron armor. So that they will have a better idea of ​​the situation at that time.