WorldUS airstrikes kill terrorists, killing 9 families in Kabul?

US airstrikes kill terrorists, killing 9 families in Kabul?

A senior US official told the AP that the man’s car was parked in a block of land between two buildings near the airport, and that the target was believed to be loading the vehicle with explosives. Then, the car was hit by an American Hellfire missile.

The suicide bomber’s car was hit by a US drone strike.

The US military later confirmed it had information about civilian casualties in the incident, but did not have an exact number of casualties. Central Command spokesman Bill Urban said: “We are aware of reports of civilian casualties in the aftermath of an attack on a vehicle in Kabul. We would be deeply saddened if there were any more innocents. any crime is dead”.

Earlier, CNN quoted a relative of the victim as saying that nine members of a family died when the US used a drone to carry out the airstrike. Accordingly, among the victims were 6 children, the youngest was a 2-year-old girl. A US official confirmed the location of the incident was the Khaje Bughra neighborhood in Kabul.

A resident in this area said that all neighbors rushed to help and used water to put out the fire. The man said he had seen five or six dead, and more wounded.

The Taliban condemned the airstrike and said the US had violated its territory.
Earlier, US President Joe Biden pledged to carry out more attacks to avenge the bombing of ISIS-K troops.


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