IndiaUP News: Arrested for killing lawyer in Shahjahanpur court, 3 policemen suspended,...

UP News: Arrested for killing lawyer in Shahjahanpur court, 3 policemen suspended, opposition attacked Yogi government


  • A lawyer shot and killed another in Shahjahanpur court
  • Accused lawyer arrested, land dispute was going on for a long time
  • Congress and BSP attacked Yogi government

A lawyer was shot dead in broad daylight after entering the court in Shahjahanpur, UP on Monday. After this incident in the record room of the court, there was panic. The police has arrested the accused within 5 hours. He is also a lawyer. A mutual dispute is said to be the reason behind the incident. Three policemen, including the sub-inspector, have been suspended for negligence in security. At the same time, all the opposition leaders including Mayawati and Priyanka Gandhi have attacked the Yogi government regarding this matter.

ADG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar said that the accused lawyer confessed to his crime. The murder was done because of old enmity. This incident is from the court premises of the police station Sadar Bazar. Lawyer Bhupendra Singh was shot dead on the second floor of the courtroom at around 11 am. Bhupendra had gone to the record room for some work. Police also found a pistol on the spot. He was shot in the head from behind.

dispute was going on over land
After the incident, the SP told in a press conference that Bhupendra was having a land dispute with another lawyer named Suresh Gupta. On the basis of suspicion, three people were taken into custody and interrogated. After this Suresh was arrested. Also, three policemen have been suspended for negligence in the security of the court premises. His fellow lawyers are outraged by the murder of the lawyer.

Advocate Shot in Shahjahanpur: Delhi court case in Shahjahanpur
CM used to claim that goons ran away from UP: Priyanka Gandhi
Congress’s UP in-charge Priyanka Gandhi has attacked the Yogi government on this issue. He has written in a Facebook post that the Chief Minister of UP used to claim that the goons and miscreants have fled the state. Here, the goons and crooks are entering the court and killing the lawyer. The Shahjahanpur incident once again established that no common man is safe under the BJP rule and the government is busy playing the drum of lies instead of improving law and order.

Who is safe in UP after all: Mayawati
At the same time, BSP chief Mayawati also took a jibe at the Yogi government. He said that the manner in which this incident happened in the court of Shahjahanpur is very sad and shameful, which exposes the law and order situation and government claims in the BJP government here. Now the question arises that who is safe in UP. Government should pay proper attention to this.