IndiaUP, Bihar, Punjab... the third wave of corona will come first in...

UP, Bihar, Punjab… the third wave of corona will come first in these states, know why the danger is looming

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Although the pace of corona vaccination has increased rapidly recently, in some states, low vaccination of people above 60 years of age has become a concern. Especially when the threat of a third wave of corona is looming. The elderly are most at risk of corona infection. It is feared that the third wave of corona is most feared in these states.

In states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, people above 60 years of age have found less corona vaccine. It is detected by ORF’s Covid Vaccine Tracker. According to this, vaccine coverage per 1,000 population in this age group is very low in some states. ORF has analyzed the data till August 27.

The national average for vaccination for people above 60 years of age is 947.13. That is, about 947 people out of 1000 in this bracket have been vaccinated. However, the same average is 523.05 doses, 651.12 and 853.48 in Tamil Nadu, UP and West Bengal. These three states have more than one crore elderly population in this age group.

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According to ORF Tracker, Maharashtra also has 1.45 crore people above 60 years of age. But, out of 1000 such people in the state, 951.12 have been given the dose of corona. This is slightly better than the national average.

Oumman C Kurien, Senior Fellow-Health Initiative at ORF, said, ‘The next wave of corona is going to be limited to those states where there is less vaccine or which have been less affected by corona in the previous waves. If the vaccination of the elderly is less, then like the first and second wave, big tragedy can be seen again.

Kurien said that states like Tamil Nadu and Punjab have higher proportion of elderly population. However, the coverage of the vaccine is low. These states may face challenges in the next wave. Therefore, they will have to rapidly vaccinate the elderly population.

According to an analysis by ORF, as of August 27, 61.6% of the population over the age of 60 have received at least one dose of the vaccine. At the same time, 31.4% are elderly people who have taken both doses of the vaccine.

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The Center is pushing the states to increase the vaccination in this category. In view of this, the speed of vaccination has also increased recently. However, with the focus being on the first vaccine, it is not clear to what extent the elderly population has been vaccinated.

Till 9 pm on Wednesday night, a total of 66.15 crore doses have been given to people across the country. In Union Territories such as Sikkim, Mizoram, Lakshadweep, Chandigarh and Andaman and Nicobar, the vaccine coverage for a population of 1000 is better among the elderly.

Other diseases are more common in the elderly. This is the reason why their vaccination is more important. Without vaccination, the risk of death from infection for them increases much more. The vaccine has been shown to be helpful in reducing the intensity of the infection and in the prevention of death due to it.

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