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University students in France wait in long queues to meet their food needs

The relaxation of the Covid-19 measures in the country and the revitalization of the economy were not enough to solve the economic problems experienced by the students.

During the epidemic, most of the families are not able to provide enough help to their children who are studying at university because they have lost their income or lost their jobs. However, the high rents in the country and especially in Paris, the decrease in accommodation and job opportunities for students, as well as the high inflation of the last 10 years in September, cause students to enter into an economic bottleneck.

Unable to overcome the economic problems they faced with the effect of the epidemic, university students turned to associations that provide food aid.

In the capital Paris, students queued for meters to get the food package prepared by the Linkee Association.

The students, who were waiting in the queue and did not want to give their surname, told the AA correspondent about the difficulties they experienced.

Axelle stated that she used to babysit to make a living while her education was continuing, but lost her job a while ago because the parents were locked up at home due to the Covid-19 measures. ” said.


Emphasizing that she could not get a scholarship from the state either, Axelle emphasized that the state does not provide sufficient amount of aid and said, “I receive a rent aid of 100 euros. It is not enough to pay rent and buy food. Families cannot meet all the needs of students. We expect economic aid from the state.” he said.

Gabriela stated that she came from Poland to study at the university.

Stating that she has economic problems in Paris, Gabriela said, “I come from a less wealthy country than France. It is not easy to get a standard life. The (food) aid I receive here gives me financial comfort.” used the phrase.

Evathie, who is studying at Paris Diderot University, said: “We don’t always get significant (financial) support for nutrition. Moreover, there are rent and bill payments and transportation fees.” made the statement.

Stating that they could not live and be fed due to these costs, Evathie said, “With the help of Linkee Association, we can get food that we cannot get otherwise.” shared his opinion.


Noting that a friend of hers could not get a scholarship from the state because she was a foreigner, and therefore had difficulty making a living, Evathie said that despite her work, her friend continued to have economic problems.

Clemence also stated that the scholarship given by the state is not enough, “The support given by the government is gradually decreasing.” said.

Clara, 19, noted that she could not earn a living despite working weekends.

Explaining that she has been coming here every week for a year and receiving food aid, Clara said that last year, the meal fee in universities was reduced to 1 Euro, but this fee was increased this year and she could not receive a scholarship from the state.

Clara emphasized that most of the students are experiencing economic difficulties.

Elouan also stated that he came to Paris 3 weeks ago to study at the university.

Elouan stated that he was broke because his wallet was stolen and that he came here to meet his food needs. “Many of my student friends are having economic problems. Life is very expensive here. Fortunately, there are food aids.” he said.

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