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United States: House of Representatives approves $ 1 billion to fund Israel’s “Iron Dome”

AA / Washington

The US House of Representatives on Thursday approved funding for Israel’s “Iron Dome” defense system to the tune of $ 1 billion, despite opposition from some Democratic members of Congress.

During a plenary session, 420 deputies voted in favor of the text, against only 9 (eight Democrats and one Republican). The text must be put to the final vote of the Senate before it is presented to President Joe Biden, to be signed and promulgated.

The move came despite the fact that Democratic members of Congress threatened last Tuesday to vote against the federal government’s finance bill if it contained a provision to help Israel buy missiles for the defense system. ” Iron Dome “, angering pro-Israel members and groups.

Last year, Washington granted Tel Aviv $ 3.8 billion in financial aid as part of a long-term annual commitment, under an agreement signed by former US President Barack Obama, in 2016, which plans to grant Israel $ 38 billion in military aid over 10 years.

Tel Aviv obtains the “Tamir” interceptor missiles from Washington, which are used in the “Iron Dome”, at a unit cost of $ 50,000 for each missile.

During the aggression against the Gaza Strip, between May 10 and May 21, the Israeli army used extensively “Iron Dome” missiles to intercept projectiles fired by Palestinian resistance factions, ever since. the Palestinian enclave to the Israeli areas.

This aggression on the Hebrew state caused several deaths and injuries among civilians as well as the destruction of housing and infrastructure, which further aggravated the situation in the Gaza Strip, inhabited by more than two million Palestinians, still under a blockade imposed by Israel, since the victory of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the legislative elections of 2006.

* Translated from Arabic by Hend Abdessamad

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