EntertainmentUnexpected role swap, Da LAB sings 'Wake up' live

Unexpected role swap, Da LAB sings ‘Wake up’ live

Considered as one of the hardest-working groups to release products, recently, Da LAB continues to release MV Wake up.
This is a song with many different musical colors, from RnB, House to Hip-hop, to express the feeling of longing and longing for an old lover who is no longer around. Besides the well-produced and catchy music, the Da LAB members also showed more acting skills through the MV.

The members are more active in the MV

Unexpected role swap, Da LAB sings live 'Wake up' very well - photo 2

MV with the participation of Thuy Ngan

Therefore, right before its release, the product has been expected by many fans to make a story and be as successful as the previous products. The MV after its release quickly climbed to the top trending and garnered millions of views on the Vietnamese YouTube platform.

Unexpected role swap, Da LAB sings live 'Wake up' very well - photo 3

Talk about Wake up, Da LAB said this is considered one of the group’s most investment MVs. Debuting after a long time of cherishing, the members wanted this to be a spiritual product to help ease hardships and difficulties during the epidemic.

Not only that, the four boys enthusiastically sang live for the audience. Worth mentioning, the members swapped parts for each other, regardless of whether it was a rap or a song. The challenge presents a surprise, how will Da LAB perform? Invite the audience to watch the video!


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