WorldUN SG says Taliban breaking promises to women

UN SG says Taliban breaking promises to women

AA / Washington / Michael Hernandez

The Taliban have failed to keep their promises on the rights of women and girls, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Monday.

The UN Secretary-General has said that following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in August, the movement pledged “repeatedly” to respect the rights of women, children and children. minority communities.

He also urged the new leaders, holding the hard line of the movement, to respect their obligations in terms of human rights and international humanitarian law.

“Central to these promises was the freedom for women to move, work and enjoy their basic rights – and for girls to have effective access to all levels of education, just like boys, “he told reporters at United Nations headquarters in New York.

“I am particularly alarmed that the promises made to Afghan women and girls by the Taliban are not kept. Broken promises lead to unfulfilled dreams for women and girls in Afghanistan,” he said. he added, saying that the women and girls of Afghanistan “must be placed at the heart of the concerns”.

The United Nations Secretary-General also called on the international community to provide Afghanistan with much-needed liquidity to prevent the country from collapsing completely. He maintained, however, that ultimately the responsibility for “coming out of the abyss” rests with the Taliban.

The statements come as Afghanistan faces an economic crisis following the Taliban’s seizure of power, which affects half of the country’s population, or around 18 million people.

Antonio Guterres said that 80% of the Afghan economy is informal and that women play “a leading role” in it.

* Translated from English by Mourad Belhaj

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