WorldUN: PoK residents protest outside UN, demanding removal of militant bases from...

UN: PoK residents protest outside UN, demanding removal of militant bases from occupied Kashmir

Own report: Islamabad is effectively turning Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) into a militant haven. The land there has been turned into a haven for terrorists. Political figures in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and Gilgit-Baltistan have spoken out against Pakistan over the allegations.

They protested outside the UN Human Rights Council. At the same time, they spoke out against the Pak government and the Pak army. The protest was organized by United Kashmir People’s National Party (UPNP), Swiss Kashmir Human Rights and Jammu Kashmir International People’s Alliance (JKIPA). “We have been attacked, tortured and terrorized by the Pak fascist government. We have been repeatedly humiliated by the Pak government. Our culture has been destroyed. Our people, our homeland are facing destruction,” said Sardar Sawqat Ali Kashmiri, leader of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. He further alleged that the people of Pak and Gilgit-Baltistan were carrying the example of Pakistan’s brutal mentality.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tied Pakistan to the issue of terrorism using Afghan soil at the UN General Assembly on Saturday. Modi also warned the world not to use the land of Afghanistan as a base for spreading terrorism. Modi’s message to the international community, “The world is facing the danger of backward mentality and extremism. In this situation, the whole world needs to improve its mentality on a scientific basis. That is why India is encouraging experience-based education. Thousands of labs have been opened. Create a start-up environment. India is going to send 75 satellites on the occasion of 75 years of independence. Which is being made by school-college students.

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Diplomats believe that Pakistan is behind the rapid rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The head of the Pakistani spy agency went to Kabul before the formation of the Taliban government. Referring to that, Modi said, “A country with a backward mentality is using terrorism as a political tool. They need to understand that terrorism is also dangerous for them.