WorldUN adopts new resolution on protecting Ukrainian civilians

UN adopts new resolution on protecting Ukrainian civilians

The resolution drafted by Ukraine and its allies received the support of 140 countries, with five opposing them: Russia, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea and Belarus. 38 countries abstained.

The resolution calls for the protection of civilians, medical workers, aid workers, journalists, hospitals and other civilian infrastructure. The resolution also demanded an immediate halt to the siege of cities, especially Mariupol.

After a month of hostilities, negotiations have not yet yielded positive results, while both sides have suffered many losses.

Damaged Russian tanks after fighting

By March 23, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that since the launch of the military operation, Russian forces had destroyed 184 Ukrainian planes and helicopters, 189 air defense missile systems, 1,558 tanks. and armored fighting vehicles, 56 multiple rocket launchers and 624 cannons of all kinds, according to TASS.


Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military announced that by March 24, they had destroyed 108 Russian aircraft, 124 helicopters, 47 surface-to-air missiles, 530 tanks, 1,597 armored vehicles, 280 artillery systems and 82 launchers. multiple-barreled rockets, according to The Kyiv Independent.

Most recently, Ukraine said it destroyed the Russian landing ship “Orsk” docked in the port of Berdyansk. The Russian side has not commented on this information. Meanwhile, three US officials told Reuters that the US assessed some Russian precision-guided weapons to have a failure rate of up to 60% in Ukraine.

UN adopts new resolution on protecting Ukrainian civilians

Refugees from Ukraine at Przemysl Glowny station, Poland

Since the start of the military operation, the United Nations has reported that 977 civilians have been killed, 1,594 injured, 3.6 million people have been displaced and more than 10 million Ukrainians have been displaced. UNICEF also estimates that more than half of Ukrainian children have been displaced from their homes.