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Ukraine War: Wife and mother were congratulated on Women’s Day on the phone, died a few hours later… Putin’s spy was killed on a secret mission

Kyiv/Moscow : Russia and Ukraine have completed 20 days of war. In these 20 days many cities of Ukraine have been completely destroyed. But in a war one side loses but the other side does not have much left to win. The Russian army also suffered heavy losses. It is reported that a Russian spy has been killed during a ‘top-secret’ operation in Ukraine. This means that 12 of Putin’s commanders have lost their lives in the Ukraine war so far.

According to the news of The Sun, 31-year-old GRU Military Intelligence Spy Captain Alexey Glushchak, a resident of Tyumen, Siberia, was killed during the conflict in Mariupol. But the detailed information regarding his death has not been made public yet. “Due to the strict secrecy of the military operation, the circumstances of the death of the Hero of Tyumen have not been disclosed,” the agency statement said. The GRU was involved in poisoning Novichok, its former spy Sergei Skripal.
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Wife and mother were congratulated on Women’s Day
Glushchak’s father was seen in funeral photos from Russia. Russia buried its spy with full military honors and a guard of honour. According to the information, the day the Russian military officer died in Ukraine, he spoke to his wife and mother on the same day. The officer congratulated her on International Women’s Day and she died in the evening of the same day. According to the news, a total of 12 commanders of Putin’s army have been killed since the start of the war.

Putin’s army is starting to weaken
Former NATO chief Rose Gotemöller believes Putin’s military has been weakened by Ukraine’s resistance. Speaking to BBC radio, he said, ‘The Russians were expecting a mild war. They thought they would win in a few days by killing President Zelensky, and easily seizing power in Kyiv. But nothing happened as they had imagined and they are stuck on the highway outside Kyiv.