WorldUkraine: "Russia is much weaker than it seems"

Ukraine: “Russia is much weaker than it seems”

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – The Polish writer Szczepan Twardoch criticizes German geopolitics in the Ukrainian conflict. According to him, agreements such as that of the Nord Stream 2 are “deeply immoral”. He fears that Chamberlain’s mistakes in Munich in 1938 will be repeated.

By Andrea Seibel (Die Welt)

Born in Eastern Europe, Szczepan Twardoch (42) is fully aware of the constant threat Russia poses to his country and the entire region. Poland is already home to a large Ukrainian diaspora and the border crisis with Belarus is just one more sign of Russia’s destabilization tactics. These peoples, humiliated for centuries, simply do not have the right to feel free. “I am very worried about Ukraine and Belarus because these two countries are very close to Poland, both geographically and culturally.says the best-selling author from Silesia, Poland, whose new novel, Demut just published in German. What should we expect in this permanent struggle between East and West? Interview on a Europe immersed in a period of turmoil.

DIE WELT. – During our last interview, you said that the future is like fog…

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