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Ukraine Russia Conflict: Russia now has ammunition for only 14 days, will the war in Ukraine intensify or will Putin give up?

Amidst the fierce battle in Ukraine, UK defense sources have claimed that Russia now has only 10 to 14 days of ammunition left. It has also been revealed from the latest intelligence sources of Britain that while ammunition is running out, they are also finding it very difficult to make an edge in the battlefield. Not only this, maintaining the areas which Russia has occupied, is also proving to be a difficult task. Britain has made this claim at a time when there have been reports that Russia has asked China for weapons and drone aircraft as military help.

According to the Daily Mail report, today is the 20th day of the attack, but even after Russian bombardment of several cities in Ukraine, including Kyiv, the Russian army is finding it very difficult to make an advance. Putin’s allies have also acknowledged this. Meanwhile, US officials have claimed that Russia’s ground attack has almost come to a halt. A UK defense source said, ‘Russian weapons are running out in the war in Ukraine. Its soldiers are getting less and energy is also running out. Now they have only 14 days left to finish it.
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Russia suffering more than Chechnya war: Zelensky
“This is the time when the resistance forces in Ukraine should be more powerful than the Russian invading forces,” the source said. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that courageous soldiers defending the country are causing heavy damage to the Russian army. “Soon the number of Russian helicopters shot down is going to reach hundreds,” he said. Russia has already lost 80 fighter jets. Hundreds of Russian military tanks and thousands of other equipment were destroyed. In the 19-day war, Russia has suffered more losses than two wars in Chechnya for many years.

Meanwhile, the Russian military has claimed that its military action in Ukraine is going according to plan. Viktor Zolotov, Putin’s personal security in-charge and head of the Russian National Guard at one point, admitted that things were not going as fast as we thought. However, he also said that we will achieve victory step by step. Russia has also said that it can retain its hold of major cities of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Russian army has intensified its attacks in other cities including Kharkiv, Kyiv.
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Russia training Syrian mercenaries: Ukraine

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, recruitment centers for mercenaries have been opened in Syria, where in recent days more than a thousand people have been recruited and about 400 have reached Russia. UNIAN reports that camps have been set up in Russia’s Rostov and Gomel regions near the Ukrainian border for their living and training. It is said, ‘Russian troops continue to accumulate weapons in their territory to wage war against Ukraine.’ According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, detachments of Syrian mercenaries are being formed, ready to carry out criminal orders of Russian commanders for a reward.


Russia now has ammunition for only 14 days