WorldUkraine: between NATO membership and "Finlandization", a delicate ridge line

Ukraine: between NATO membership and “Finlandization”, a delicate ridge line

ANALYSIS – Behind the scenes, the crisis mediators are working to find a “compromise”.

For Western mediators who have been rushing to Moscow and Kiev for several weeks to defuse the crisis, the question is a priori insoluble. Vladimir Putin, who wants to re-establish his control over the former zone of influence of the USSR, demands that NATO give up expanding to the east and reject the candidacy of Ukraine, as well as that of the Georgia.

Ukraine, for its part, wants to join the Alliance and the European Union. With the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the new Russian provocations on the borders of Ukraine, this objective has become largely in the majority among the population.

Find a compromise”

At the Bucharest summit in 2008, the question had been left in abeyance, surrounded by an ambiguity which suited many countries, notably France and Germany, which had come out against the integration of Ukraine into the NATO. The vagueness that has since surrounded this vague promise of the Alliance, without a precise timetable, made it possible for a time to contain tensions with…

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