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Ukraine and the West are working on a plan to contain Russian aggression – Kuleba

The Ukrainian vision of threats from Russia is quite consistent with the vision of international partners. Therefore, Ukraine and the West are working on a plan to contain Russian aggression. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba in an exclusive commentary to RBC-Ukraine.

“Russia is actively demonstrating that it is considering all possible scenarios, including military ones. Therefore, we are not talking about “fears”, but about a completely realistic assessment of threats, ”he said.

According to Kuleba, Ukraine, together with international partners, is working on a comprehensive three-tier plan to contain Russia’s aggressive actions. The first level is diplomatic and is for partners to make strong, timely public and non-public statements in support of Ukraine.

“The second level is economic. We are talking about new and painful economic restrictions that can be introduced in the event of new aggressive actions by Russia. It should contain strikes in the most painful places, including the Nord Stream-2 project, – noted the head of the Foreign Ministry.

And the third level, as the minister said, is military-defensive. This level of containment is about strengthening Ukraine’s defenses with the help of partners. In particular, by providing additional weapons, deepening intelligence cooperation and increasing the military presence in the air and on the water in the Black Sea.

“This three-tiered deterrent package is filled by different partners, depending on their willingness and determination. Some are ready to provide weapons, some are ready to develop economic measures, and some are ready to make strong statements. We value all these elements, and the support of each partner is important for us, ”summed up Kuleba.

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