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UK PM Johnson says Christmas will go better in terms of supply problem

Commenting on the BBC British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “Christmas this year will be substantially better than last year. We have an extremely reliable supply chain in the country.” said.

Johnson also noted that the temporary visa offer made by the British government to 300 foreign drivers who will urgently use heavy fuel vehicles has already been accepted by 127 drivers.

Stating that the temporary visa program covers 5,000 heavy vehicle drivers in total, Johnson said, “What we say to the road transport industry is; ok, give us the names of the drivers you want to bring in. Let’s get the visas done. You have 5,000 more visas. They’ve only given 127 names so far. What this shows is, It’s a global problem.” used the phrases.

Regarding the ongoing supply chain crisis in the country, Johnson said: “The supply chain challenge is largely driven by the strength of the economic recovery. We will do our best to help logistics professionals in our retail chains, food processing industry deal with it, find the staff they need.” said.

Speaking to British radio LBC, Prime Minister Johnson said: “I understand how difficult it is to not be able to get gas from the pumps, but I must repeat that it was largely a demand issue, not a supply issue. they provide more supply.” he said.

There is a shortage of transport truck drivers

With the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU), the decrease in the number of transport vehicle drivers who are EU citizens and the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic caused problems in the country ranging from the food sector to the manufacturing and energy sector.

Experts state that the total number of transport drivers in the country is about 100,000 less than what is currently needed.

In the statement made by the Petroleum Retailers Association (PRA) in England, it was stated that more than a fifth of the gas stations in the southeast and London of the country do not have fuel, and the fuel crisis in Scotland, Wales and the interior regions is almost over.

Armed forces personnel in the country started to carry fuel to gas stations as of yesterday.

About 200 soldiers, including 100 drivers, are providing “temporary” support to ease the pressure on the stations, according to the British government statement.

Due to the lack of heavy vehicle drivers after Brexit and the epidemic, there have been problems in the delivery of fuel to gas stations in the country in recent weeks.

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