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UK plans to issue temporary visas to deal with shortage of truck drivers

AA / Paris / Fatih KARAKAYA

The United Kingdom is preparing to announce the issuance of temporary visas for lorry drivers in order to respond to the shortage in this sector which has led to the closure of some service stations, several British media announced on Saturday.

Indeed, for weeks the country has encountered supply problems due in particular to a shortage of truck drivers.

According to the British press, thousands of truck drivers, mostly foreigners, have returned to their country because of the pandemic.

Gas stations run by Britain’s British Petroleum (BP) and its US rival ExxonMobil, have closed in the UK due to fuel shortages as the country grapples with delivery problems caused by the lack of truck drivers.

Although, BP, the UK’s number 1 fuels distributor, played down the situation by telling the media that “only a small number of its gas stations have temporarily closed due to shortages of unleaded and diesel fuel,” the panic begins to settle in the population.

Videos shared on social networks show long queues in front of some gas stations. This situation worries the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson who told the media “that temporary measures to solve the problems of shortage of truck drivers, would be taken”.

Also according to the British media “the government wishes to grant 5,000 temporary visas for foreign truck drivers while the measure had been demanded by logistics and distribution groups for several months”.

But these 5,000 new workers are far from definitively solving the problem since, according to the British Road Transport Federation (RHA), “the United Kingdom needs 100,000 additional truck drivers”.

The oil companies also insisted on the fact that there was no question of fuel shortages but only of delivery difficulties.

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