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UK Fuel Crisis: Terrible oil crisis in Britain, 90% of petrol pumps closed, why did such a thing happen?

The country whose sun never sets, that country is facing a terrible oil crisis these days. The situation has reached such a point that 90 percent of the petrol pumps in the UK have run out of fuel. Panicked people are wandering here and there to buy more and more petrol. Due to this, a situation of chaos has arisen in the petrol pumps where the supply is on. The shortage of fuel has not only led to acute shortage of food and drink, but the transport system is also getting adversely affected. Experts have warned that its impact could also be seen on the UK economy.

Why the oil crisis deepened in Britain
Brexit and a severe shortage of truck drivers are being cited as the reason for the shortage of petrol and diesel in Britain. Due to this the UK supply chain has collapsed. Oil is not reaching the petrol pumps from the refinery. A large number of trucks are parked on the side of the road, but there is no one to drive them. This is the reason why there is an outcry due to the shortage of oil across the UK.

The government’s efforts are also of no use
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has announced plans to spend millions of pounds to prevent food shortages caused by rising natural gas prices. Several cabinet ministers are appealing to the people to avoid panic buying. Despite this, a similar situation is visible at almost all the petrol pumps in the country.

60 to 90 percent petrol pump closed
On Sunday, many petrol pumps in Britain had to be closed after being declared dry. The same is true of gas stations. The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), an organization of petrol pump sellers in Britain, has reported that 60 to 90 percent of the pumps have to be closed in some areas. Diesel-petrol and gas have been exhausted at these pumps. We are not getting the supply. Hence, the situation is likely to remain the same in future also.


The government is considering to call the army
The Times and the Financial Times have claimed that the British government is considering calling in the military to ensure access to fuel to customers. But, truck drivers, gas station and petrol pump vendors have warned that it is not going to help. We need at least 10,000 drivers. For this, work should be done on training and licensing of new drivers.