WorldUK: 839 tomatoes grown from just one stem of the plant, Britain's...

UK: 839 tomatoes grown from just one stem of the plant, Britain’s gardener broke the world record

A gardener in Britain has set a new world record by harvesting a total of 839 tomatoes from just one stem of the plant. The number of tomatoes grown by 43-year-old Douglas Smith of Stansted Abbots, England, has nearly doubled the previous Guinness World Record. With a huge margin, he has set a new world record. Earlier in 2010, Graham Tranter of Shropshire set a record by harvesting 488 tomatoes from a single stem.

worked hard and broke the world record
Smith sowed tomato seeds in March this year, and in September harvested hundreds of tomatoes from just a single stem. Smith worked 3 to 4 hours a week in his garden to grow tomatoes. He had sown tomato seeds in an 8×8 ft area in the back garden of his house. Last year, he made headlines in Britain by growing the largest tomato plant. This year he gave a little more time to his hobby and made a record by growing 839 tomatoes from one stem.

Called the police to count the tomatoes
According to the report of news agency SWNS, he has harvested 839 tomatoes, which weigh about 4.24 kg. Last winter Smith read several scientific papers to find out the right techniques for growing tomatoes. Smith is an IT Manager by profession. He called a local priest and a policeman to count the tomatoes. He also recorded a video of a tomato plucking from the stem to present it as a proof for the Guinness World Record.

Already made many records
Now Guinness World Records officials will investigate Smith’s achievement, after which his record will be sent to the organization for official recognition. Earlier in 2020, he set the record for growing Britain’s tallest sunflower, which was 20 feet high. He already holds the record for growing Britain’s largest tomato. In August last year, he had grown a 3-kg tomato whose circumference was 27.5 inches.


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