WorldUber prepares to protest in Brussels

Uber prepares to protest in Brussels

Uberwill temporarily suspend the app as the city of Brussels has not updated its taxi legislation, leaving drivers in limbo.

Uber Belgium President Laurent Slits, in a written statement, stated that the practice will be “temporarily” stopped between 8.30-11.30 on Thursday, September 30 in Brussels.

Slits, the Brussels government taxi He reminded that he is committed to reforming the regulations that determine the working conditions of commercial vehicle drivers and commercial vehicle drivers.

Stating that the lack of progress on taxi reform disappointed the drivers, Slits noted that Uber understands the situation of its employees.

Slits stated that commercial vehicle drivers have been living in uncertainty for 7 years, so they will organize a protest in solidarity with the drivers in Brussels.

Rudi Vervoort, the Prime Minister of the Brussels-Capital Region Government, announced in March that the city’s taxi legislation was updated and the reform would come into effect by the end of summer.

There are about 2,000 Ubers in Brussels, and these vehicles generally provide more affordable transportation than taxis.

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