IndiaUAE National Day: Raisa and Jasmine with 'The Journey of Johar'

UAE National Day: Raisa and Jasmine with ‘The Journey of Johar’


  • Celebrating the 50th National Day of the UAE.
  • Malayalees presenting ‘The Journey of Johara’ artwork.
  • The theme is the development of the country.

Dubai: Raisa from Thiruvananthapuram and Jasmine from Kochi performed ‘The Journey of Johara’ as part of the 50th National Day celebrations in the UAE. On the podium level of the Alfatan Currency House at the Dubai International Financial Center is a display of UAE-themed artwork created by these young women. The theme is the development of the country.

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The seven letters of ‘Johara’ represent the seven emirates and the seven rulers. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Father of the Nation, the rulers of the Emirates, and all their contribution to the welfare state can be seen in this painting.

How is the UAE, which came into being in 1971, now? You can see what challenges they may have overcome and what they have achieved in today’s development. Raisa and Jasmine told reporters that the future of the UAE is told in the last part of the painting. Although there may be some omissions, they both said that they have tried to include everything as much as possible and that this stepmother is their gift to the country.

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There will be a two-week show. The public has a chance to see. More days will be added if needed. It is also expected to be on display at Expo 2020. The work of art was directed by Mix Media over a period of two months. There were some crises while preparing this. The logistics were difficult because the canvas was three meters long. Such paintings are usually done on the wall. However, this work had to be done on the ground. They said the sale has not been decided and they are seeking a response from the public.

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