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UAE gives $23 billion blow to America, stops talks on F-35 fighter jets


  • UAE halts ongoing talks with the US on the deal for F-35 fighter jets
  • This military deal was about $ 23 billion and the UAE was also to get 18 state-of-the-art drone aircraft.
  • The rare dispute with the UAE, a major US ally, dealt a blow to the Biden administration.

The United Arab Emirates has stopped the ongoing talks regarding the F-35 fighter jets and drone deal, giving a big blow to the US. This military deal was worth about $ 23 billion. This rare dispute with the UAE, America’s main ally in the Gulf countries, has dealt a blow to the Biden administration. The UAE embassy in the US announced that it was halting talks with the Biden administration.

Even after this announcement, talks between the UAE and the US Defense Ministry Pentagon on other issues will take place this week according to the schedule. The embassy said that the US will continue to be the preferred provider of defense equipment and talks for the F-35 fighter jets may resume in the future. Earlier, during the tenure of Donald Trump as President, an agreement was reached for 50 F-35 fighter jets in the last days of his tenure.
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‘US terms violate UAE sovereignty’
After this deal, the UAE formally recognized Israel. Meanwhile, after the Biden administration came to power in the US, the deal was shelved. The Biden administration shelved the deal, given the role of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in Yemen. Under this deal, 18 state-of-the-art drones were to be given which were equipped with air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles.

The UAE said that the US was pressurizing it to decide where and under what circumstances the F-35 aircraft should be used. The Gulf country said that this is a violation of its sovereignty. At the same time, the US Defense Ministry said that his administration will remain committed to this proposed deal. Along with this, he will continue to hold talks with the UAE in this regard. At the same time, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that America’s conditions regarding American weapons are the same as with other countries of the world. UAE recently signed a big deal with France for Rafale jets.