IndiaTwo-year-old mother shot dead; Father arrested, child accidentally shot

Two-year-old mother shot dead; Father arrested, child accidentally shot


  • His mother was shot and killed by a two-year-old boy.
  • The boy’s father was arrested.
  • He was arrested for negligently keeping a gun in the house.

FLORIDA: The father of a two-year-old boy has been arrested for accidentally shooting his mother while she was playing. Father Viordre Avery, 22, was arrested in connection with the August 11 incident. Police said he was arrested for negligently keeping a gun in his home.

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Shamaya Linin, 21, was shot dead during a zoom meeting. While playing in the room, the boy received a gun and accidentally fired at the young woman. A colleague who attended the meeting witnessed the incident live and immediately informed the police.

After receiving the information, Viordre Avery arrived home but his wife was dead. Police later reached the spot and conducted an inspection. The case was registered and an inquiry was started. Police also seized a firearm used to shoot a child. The young woman was shot in the head.

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Although it was clear to police that Avery was not at home at the time of the incident, he was arrested for inadvertently keeping a firearm loaded in the home. The youth was taken into police custody last Tuesday. A case of manslaughter has also been registered against him. The trial date of the case has not been announced yet. This year alone, 114 people have been killed in child shootings in the United States, where gun use is high.

Sooraj is now lodged in Poojappura Central Jail


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