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‘Two people on a bench, allowance instead of lunch’; Draft school opening guidelines ready


  • School opening in the state.
  • The government has prepared a draft guideline.
  • The final document will be released within five days.

Thiruvananthapuram: A draft guideline has been prepared ahead of the opening of schools in the state. Classes will be arranged on a bench of two people. Education Minister V Sivankutty said that in order to avoid the situation where children congregate, lunch will be skipped in schools and allowances will be given instead.

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The final document will be released within five days. Uniforms will not be mandatory for students. They are not allowed to go to the shops in front of the school and eat. No more than two children in the auto. A special system will be set up to check body temperature and oxygen. The minister also said that children with minor symptoms should not be admitted to school.

A cleaning drive will be held to clean the school before the school reopens. PTA meeting will be held at school level. The minister said extensive discussions would be held with the teachers’ unions to discuss matters related to the arrangement and preparation of classes. He added that discussions are underway to extend the KSRTC service to areas with large schools.

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Classes will be disinfected every day. Awareness classes for parents will be provided online. Schools will have teacher control. No need to worry about Plus One access. Opportunity will be given to the entire student body. Seats will be shifted from vacant districts to deficient districts. In the Malabar region, the number of seats has been increased by 20 per cent, he said.

Classes one to seven and classes ten and twelve in the state will be open from November 1. Earlier, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had said that the education department and the health department should hold a joint meeting and make necessary preparations for the reopening of schools. The decision to reopen the schools from November 1 was taken at the Covid review meeting held last week. The CM had directed the meeting to make preparations for the commencement of all classes from November 15 and to complete the preparations fifteen days in advance.

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Minister V Sivankutty and Health Minister Veena George had said that bio-bubble security would be put in place to protect children from the spread of Covid. The ministers’ response came after a joint meeting of the two departments. V Sivankutty said all arrangements have been made to open schools. Ministers responded that guidelines would be issued to open schools as soon as possible. The state aims to provide bio-bubble security to students. The health minister said arrangements would be made to scrutinize the situation until the children return to school and return home.

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