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Turkish Red Crescent will distribute food to the participants of the ‘Peace March’ organized for the victims of Srebrenica

Turkish Red Crescent, Bosnia and Herzegovinaeast of SrebrenicaThose who want to get rid of the genocide that took place in 1995 Bosniak civilianswill distribute food and drink to those who participate in the “Peace March” (Marş Mira), which is traditionally organized on the route used to reach Tuzla from the forest road.

Turkish Red Crescent volunteers will be present at the food distribution points with a mobile catering vehicle for the “Peace March” participants who will depart from the town of Nezuk tomorrow morning.

Turkish Red Crescent Volunteer Management Manager Nurdal Durmuş, who made a statement to the AA correspondent about the three-day march on the route called “death road” due to the massacres in July 1995, said that the Turkish Red Crescent is a partner organization of the organization in cooperation with the Bosnia and Herzegovina Red Cross.

Reminding that they participate in the “Peace March” event every year, Durmuş said, “We not only accompany the walk, but also provide catering materials such as food, meals and fruits during the journey with our mobile catering vehicles.” said.

Stating that they accompanied the journey for first aid and health services, Durmuş said, “Both professionals and volunteers of our Red Crescent and Red Cross family increase awareness by participating in such organizations wherever there is a humanitarian tragedy.” he said.

Turkish Red Crescent Bosnia and Herzegovina Delegation Head Suat Sokullu said that food will be provided to the participants with a mobile catering vehicle at the distribution points to be established.

“Peace March”

Peace March is held every year on 8-10 July on the forest road used by civilians who want to escape the genocide in Srebrenica, which is considered the greatest human tragedy after the Second World War in Europe.

The march, which started in the town of Nezuk on the morning of July 8 and attended by thousands of people from different parts of the world, ends on July 10 at the Potocari Memorial Cemetery. Participants walk an average of 35 kilometers each day.

Participants who spend their nights in the camp areas on the previously determined route are informed about the Srebrenica genocide.

19 victims will be buried this year

Meanwhile, 19 more genocide victims will be buried at the commemoration and funeral ceremony to be held on July 11 this year, according to the statement made by the Institute of Missing Persons of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On July 11, the anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, there are 6,652 victims’ graves in the Potocari Memorial Cemetery, where mass funerals and commemorations are held every year.

After Serbian soldiers under the command of war criminal Ratko Mladic entered Srebrenica on 11 July 1995, more than 8,000 Bosniak civilians were brutally murdered and buried in mass graves. The victims, who were removed from the mass graves and identified, are buried in the mausoleum on July 11 every year.

Even after 26 years, more than a thousand victims’ bodies are still being searched.

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