WorldTurkish Navy will be armed with unmanned boats

Turkish Navy will be armed with unmanned boats

The Turkish Navy will soon enter service with 2 modern unmanned boats of domestic production.

Unmanned military vessels manufactured by ASELSAN and the SEFINE defense shipyard are planned to be actively used to protect the maritime borders of Turkey.

The boats will be used for reconnaissance / monitoring of borders, strikes against surface and underwater targets, ensuring the protection of strategically important coastal facilities (ports, naval bases, etc.).

Each of the boats is capable of speeds of 40 knots. The maximum distance that a vessel can sail in autonomous mode is more than 600 miles. Highly maneuverable boats can operate without refueling for up to 4 days.

The vessels will transmit images in real time to any of the specified information processing centers, they will be able to classify the detected surface objects, and in the absence of communication with the center, operate in an autonomous mode.

The Anadolu Agency’s website publishes in a shortened form . .(HAS).

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