WorldTurkish exports to 19 countries hit record high

Turkish exports to 19 countries hit record high

Turkey’s June 2021 export figures show record shipments to 19 countries worldwide.

The Turkish Exporters Association (TİM) told Anadol that the volume of Turkish exports in June this year exceeded the indicator of the same month of 2020 by 46.9% and reached $ 19 billion 773 million.

Particularly high export rates were recorded in Turkey’s trade with Germany, the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Mexico, Kyrgyzstan, Senegal, Colombia, Kosovo, Djibouti, Cote d’Ivoire, the Dominican Republic and Paraguay.

According to TİM, Germany is the leader of the TOP countries-importers of Turkish products, where products worth 1 billion 568 million 505 thousand dollars were delivered in June.

The three leaders are also the United States (1 billion 191 million 787 thousand dollars) and Italy (1 billion 21 million 647 thousand dollars).

It is interesting that the share of steel in Turkey’s export basket is growing. In seven of the 19 countries mentioned above, steel was the main item of purchases from Turkey.

At the same time, in the United States, when importing goods from Turkey, the emphasis was placed on the products of the chemical industry.

In the supply of products to Germany, Italy and Mexico, the Turkish auto industry is in the lead.

– Turkey’s exports to 19 countries in June 2021 reached the maximum indicators:

June 01-30, 2021

2021st year (thousand US dollars)

GERMANY 1.568.505.80
USA 1.181.787.64
ITALY 1.021.647.07
NETHERLANDS 668.546.12
ROMANIA 475,836,84
BULGARIA 298,467.01
CANADA 198.343.39
Serbia 128.551.65
AUSTRIA 128.159.99
MEXICO 83.594.64
KYRGYZSTAN 57.676.16
SENEGAL 53.681.41
COLOMBIA 52.684.04
KOSOVO 50.746.61




DOMINICANA 29.407.63
PARAGUAY 8.959.62

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